Nav Data Cycle 2014 Corrupt, XP11.51, Zibo 738

Hello, I just DL’d cycle 2014 for XP11.50+ (Windows) and installed it. Upon starting the Zibomod B737-800X, the FMC displayed “Nav data corrupt”.

I cleaned out the Custom Data directory & re-installed 2014, but nothing changed. I then DL’d 2014 again, and did a clean install. After restarting xp11 the zibo 738 FMC still displayed the error. I gave up and went back to 2013.

Any idea on what the issue might be?


Carlos, please try the search function first … it works really very well and you can spend your time for flying

Thank you very much & Happy New Year 2021

I did try search, but nothing came up that specifically addressed this weirdness.

FYI, Google Drive is not allowing any more DL’s of the latest full zibo 738. It looks like I’ll have to wait until the auto-lock expires before I can DL their latest. I will post here again after I have installed it & tried it with 2014. Thank you!

to download the zibo fix you can bypass the google drive download quota exceeded file …just google it and there are number of videos that you can watch how to do it…I had to do it today for the Zibo fix for Airac2014 and it worked.

just want to add that the problem is not with the Nav Data Cycle 2014 The problem is with Zibo
as long as you get to download the Zibo 737 3.45.1 fix then you should be fine.

I now have the same problem. IXEG 737 OK but zibo gives a corrupt data. I am still on 3.43
747 ok

Ok, and what do you expecting now from us/from this posting?


Will upgrade today hoping this will fix the problem

Reason of the posting is for advise

Could somebody please point me in the right direction, for the Zibo fix referenced above? I found the full install for 3.45, but no indication it contains a patch / fix for 3.45.01. Or do I assume this fill install is the latest? Thank you!

I have the same problem: Cycle 2014 rev 1 is corrupted.
Still on Zibo 3.44.
Going to the previous revision helps.
Would expect Navigraph support on this issue.

is it really so heavy to read a few lines in this posting? We mark a posting as solved, when its solved and the solution is directly the answer of the OP.

But here again, hopefully you read it now:

It was NO NAVDATA issue and we have/had no fix for that. I will close this posting now to avoid more such postings.