AIRAC 2014 error in Zibo FMC

I just updated to the latest AIRAC 2014 with FMS Data manager, all went apparently well but I get a CORRUPTED NAV DATA error in my FMC (Zibo 11,45 full)

I also get the same issue and am looking to roll back to Cycle 2013.

It’s not going to solve your problem because the FMC will still issue the “out of date” error message

I can cope with the Navdata out of date message.

However, I can’t cope with using the 2014 cycle which the Zibo Mod incorrectly believes is corrupt because it causes the mod to default to some ancient AIRAC that is unusable on VATSIM.

I can confirm the message but that´s not really a navdata issue. The Zibo 737 uses the X-Plane default data and when the navdata are really corrupt, XP will inform you during the startup of XP. Also, I have used the standard default G1000 in XP, which also use the same source of data. No crash, no corrupt data, nothing …

So, please be so kind and ask the developer because I can´t see any issue in the navata - all other addons (which uses also the generic data from X-Plane) are working as expected.

Sorry & Happy New Year,

Hi Richard,

It is definitely a developer issue. Whilst they create a fix, is there a way to download the 2013 cycle again to allow me to get flying again?



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Thanks for the update JP - no, there is no possibility to download the old cycle, sorry.

Hello. There’s zibo 737 3.45.1 update and it seems to have been fixed.

3.45.1 fix:

  • fixed bugs and corrected/improved systems (AIRAC cycle decode, Display speed restricts, Predicted speeds, Prearmed LNAV…)

Happy new year and have a safe flight.

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Perfect happy new year to all

Great!!! Thank´s for the info … HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 and stay safe …

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