MSFS Marketplace World Map Remains Unpopulated when Navdata is Installed

No airports appear in my MSFS Marketplace World Map when Navdata is installed via. the Navdata Center. When Navdata is removed the map becomes populated as expected. Apparently this has been the issue since the Marketplace World Map first became available. I only just discovered that the presence of Navdata was related when I removed it preparing for WU9 and checked the Marketplace Map before reinstalling it. I am currently using Navdata Center 1.08 and the most recent version of MSFS .

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possible I misunderstood you here because I don´t use the Marketplace, but I see the airports, also when our dataset is installed:


PS: AIRAC 2205 will be released on 19th of May - according the real-world AIRAC dates - but I have still installed it for testing …

My problem is that I see no airports when the dataset is installed. They appear only when the dataset is removed.
Dataset Installed

Dataset Removed

sorry I can’t reproduce it … As from my screenshot before, I see all airports with or without our data installed.

What you can try is to delete the content.xml and re-install the navdata files via the Navigraph Navdata Center and re-start the sim.

Possible someone can reproduce this, I can’t sorry.

Do you use AddonLinker or something else?


I do use AddonLinker, but not to manage Navdata which is managed only by Navdata Center.
Clearly the presence of Navdata in my community folder is somehow preventing the population of the Sim Market World Map. I can try deleting content.xml but who knows why that would be related. Content manager clearly shows the presence of Navdata when it is installed, and its presence or absence can be seen in my community folder. This issue has been raised in the past by at least one other individual in this forum. I can live without this particular feature in the sim but considering what I pay for Navigraph I am troubled by any apparent incompatibility with the sim.

Hi again,
I haven’t found any reference posting here where someone reports this. Can you help me please, possible there is a hint where we can look …

… to delete the content file is safe because it will be automatically re-created during the sim start and it corrects possible scenery mismatches.
I don’t know if this file will also be used in this issue but the sim must know from somewhere which packages are installed. Therefore …

Again, I have tried it now several times, with or without our data installed … I always see the airports, impossible to reproduce it (ok using no AddonLinker).

I’m nearly 100% sure, that this is not a general incompatible issue … I assume it’s a combination on your system because when its a general issue, we would immediately see more reports here and also in the MSFS forum. But there are none … or none that I have seen.


Hi Richard,
This is the posting I found relating to this issue:

Thank you for your explanation of the content file. I also found more information about it and will give your suggestion a try. In what order should I proceed?
I understand that you are unable to reproduce my problem, and I agree it is not likely a general incompatible issue since I was only able to find the above posting. I will let you know if rebuilding the content file has any effect.
Thank you for your attention.

Ah thanks for the link and sorry that I have forgotten it …

I would try following steps:

  1. close your sim
  2. delete your content.xml file (I guess you know where this file is located - when not, you will find the answer here :wink:)
  3. start the sim and look in the Marketplace - all airport should be visible
  4. close the sim again
  5. start the Navigraph Navdata Center (please be sure you have installed the latest version - v1.0.8)
  6. install the new cycle
  7. close the Navigraph Navdata Center and start the sim again
  8. check the Marketplace again, if all airports are still visible - should be

When not … hmm :thinking: … but thinking positive :innocent:

Good luck and let us know the result please
Thank you very much,

Hi Richard,
Please clarify if I should first remove Navdata via. Navdata center before deleting conten.xml and then follow your suggested order?

No you don’t need it but you can it’s really up to you :slight_smile:

Good luck :+1:


Thanks I will give it a try later in the day.:+1:

Hi Richard,
It is turning out that the presence or absence of Navdata is probably not related to my marketplace map issue. That appears to randomly depend on the way the sim happens to starts up. The clue was that before deleting content xml I did remove Navdata and found the map empty when I restarted the sim. I quit and restarted again to find the map populated. I have tried deleting content.xml but I am seeing the same behavior with Navdata installed. I have also tried several different sim startup options but can find none that result in the map being populated every time. That appears to be just a roll of the dice when starting the sim with very low odds of success.
:crazy_face: :-1:
Apparently this bug has persisted since that map feaure was introduced.

Oh … would be great, if (when) you know the reason, that you share it please … I´m a little bit curious, sorry :slight_smile: … but anyway, much appreciated for your effort and your open words …

Let me know, when I can do something for you …