AIRAC installed but doesn´t see any navaids, waypoints,

same problem.

just did a clean reinstall of MSFS and all my addons after a reformat, and now the sim dont see navigraph’s airac

I have Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0.3
Content.xml (17.0 KB)

What do you mean with don’t see navigraph AIRACs? When you look in the Content-Manager for Navigraph, do you see it or not?

How do you know, that you don’t see it?

The content file looks correct so far …


in the world map, I dont have any fixes/waypoints at all when I install Navigraph’s aircac with the navdata center.
cant use ILS/VOR/etc neither

If remove it via the NavCenter then I can see fixes/waypoints again

with Navigraph installed

without it

strange - two things what you can test:

  1. delete and re-build your rolling-cache
  2. move all packages from your community folder, excluding the navigraph-packages and try again

To #1 - I can´t believe it that this is the solution but we had a report here in our forum about this idea
To #2 - it is possible that a package remove all our base data. Base data are important because there is an dependency between the base and navdata update package. So, when any 3rd party package set all the corresponding flags in the scenery, it could be possible that all our data will be “removed”.

No further idea, when this doesn´t help … you don´t use AddonLinker right?


I dont use the rolling cache, nor addon linker.

I’ll remove all the other mods and try again :+1:

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seems its a mod incompatibility, as its working fine with an empty community folder.

I’ll report back on what mod caused this

sorry for having taken of your time

No problem but good to have an idea now …
Thank you very much for the feedback - take care and have nice time till Christmas :wink:


PS: I split this topic now, because your “finding” is also important for possible other users

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