AIRAC 2112 rev.2 Not Being Seen By MSFS - Known fixes not working

Hi, I’m having the same issues I’ve seen a few other posts report but the fix doesn’t seem to be working for me. I can remove the data and delete the two folders from my Community folder and it brings be back to 2112 without issue but as soon as I load rev.2 again all my data in the sim goes away. Nothing can be found on the world map, no STARs or SIDs. Attached is my content file.

Thanks in advance.

Content.xml (7.4 KB)

please, please don’t touch this file and please disable any sorting option, when you use 3rd party tools like Addon Linker or similar else.

Your content file is a mess and wrong.

  1. Close the sim
  2. Make sure, that you have installed the latest Navigraph Navdata Center (current version is v1 0.3)
  3. Delete your content.xml file
  4. Start the sim and close it after he is up and running
  5. Open the Navigraph Navdata Center and press the remove button (if available) for the AIRAC
  6. Press the install button for the AIRAC and close the Navigraph Navdata Center when its done
  7. Start the sim and all is good

Again, DON’T touch the content file. Don’t move/delete our package manually, there is no reason for that, also when a SimUpdate is coming.
When you want to remove the data, use in EVERY case the Navigraph Navdata Center.


Thank you, for some reason although I kept installing 1.0.3 the 1.0.0 beta was running. I can’t quite figure out how. I must have had a shortcut pointed to the old version. I completely cleaned out my installs and reinstalled Navdata Center again and could run 1.0.3 properly. Issue is resolved now.

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Thabks for your feedback.

Happy flying and enjoy your weekend

very interesting…
I have the same problem. Following your given advice everything was alright after doing it. If I use addonslinker (which is set to delete the content.xml every time I use the sim to not have more and more entries in that file) teh linker sets the line to true, that’s wrong of course. I don’t know why this happens. The navigraph-entries are made directly in the community-folder, not linked via addonslinker from another place. I have no idea yet whta’s going on here.

I haven’t enough knowledge with the Addon Linker, therefore from my side only a few things:

  1. It is not necessary to delete the content.xml file because when a package is not available any longer, it will be simply not loaded but this has NO performance impact.
  2. The order of this file is important, very important because there are dependencies and that’s exactly the reason, why we have split our package into two package.
  3. Whenever you need to uninstall the AIRAC cycle, use the Navigraph Navdata Center and DON´T move/delete the packages manually from the community folder.
  4. Symbolic links which will be used by the Addon Linker are not the problem but again, you shouldn´t touch the content.xml file (not removing lines, nor sorting it in any way).

That’s my two cents to this topic and my recommendation to this.


thanks Richard,

addonslinker can be configured deleting the content.xml and the scenery cache. When the file is deleted the sim will create a new one during start. To do so linker reads out its current addon-configuration and put these entries in the content.xml.
This worked very well in the past. I don’t know why the entry for the own navdatas (Navblue) of the sim will be set to true now; that’s the reason for my problem of course. The order of the entries is the same like before and it is the same order like Navigraph does. Only true instead of false, strange.
But if you say it isn’t nesessary deleting the file every time I’ll set this feature to false in the ini-file of the linker. Then content.xml will be untouched and everything is like before.


I’m having a problem again and I stopped using the AddonsLinker, but the problem remains, every time I put a scenery or addon in the community, and open the simulator (which was supposed to work normally) I need to do all the procedure to remove the Navigraph , delete the content, open the simulator and close and reinstall the navigraph! It’s already boring doing this all the time!

please confirm, that you are using the latest Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0.3 …


Yes, I am using the latest Navigraph!

Please upload your content.xml file here.

Thank you,

I’ll put the Content here, but now it’s working (after doing the whole procedure), whenever I put some scenery this problem happens, and now I stopped using any program or anything that can change the content!

Content.xml (7.7 KB)

This file looks good now … please, when you have added a new package and when you see an issue, upload IMMEDIATELY the content file. Don´t touch it please till your upload.

After my flight I will try to simulate the error!

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