[MSFS] LOWS RWY 15 Departures are wrong in MSFS (but correct in Chart)


when looking at the LOWS SIDs from RWY15 (for example: DETSA2B Departure), the SID always states to climb on 143° to WS643, then make a left turn to WS610 etc.

In MSFS, however, when selecting the SID, the SID has inserted another leg which demands a climb on Runway track until reaching 1820’ (ie ~400 ft AAL) before making a turn to WS643. The real procedure does not have this 400’-straight-ahead-leg but requires to make a turn to 143° immediately after take-off. Refer to the navigraph-charts or to LOWS - SID RWY 15 (austrocontrol.at). So there is a mismatch between the navigraph charts and the procedure within MSFS.

Another issue but this may be due to MSFS’ interpretation of ILS-related DME-signals: the INROM1V departure of LOWS commands a turn after passing D2.0 OES (with OES being the localizer of RWY 15). I have not got any DME-indication past D1.1, thereafter there is apparently no DME-signal received. This should obviously not be the case.

Had both issues with any aircraft, be it default MSFS aircraft or third party aircraft.

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