Wrong RWY in FMC?

Not sure if it’s me doing anything wrong but selecting the SID for EINN (Shannon), airport, in this case, KURUM 3B, RWY 24 is the one I select in the Departure page of the FMC. All is good.
However, in the LEGS page of the FMC, RWY 06 is entered. I just cannot get the selected SID to show RWY 24.

This is using the PMDG 737 for MSFS and using the latest Navigraph AIRAC cycle.

thank for your report and welcome at Navigraph. No, you don´t anything wrong :slight_smile: … the first waypoint is really the threshold of RW06 and therefore you see the this waypoint on your leg list. When you look on your ND you will see the coding:

In this case, the runway-threshold will be used as waypoint … so all is good in this case :wink:

Hope that helps,

Thank you Richard for the explanation. Much appreciated.

On the charts for KURUM 3B: note #8 says “No turns before DER” :slight_smile:

6.1.4 Departure End of Runway (DER). The end of runway declared available for the ground run of an aircraft departure.

…basically, the aircraft must remain on the runway track while above the runway, even if it reaches another condition which would otherwise initiate a turn (here, reaching 500ft above MSL), and this is how navigation data typically enforces this restriction.



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