LOWG incorrect navdata

In LOWG the navdata are incorrect, charts are ok. There are runways 16R/C/L and 34R/C/L in LOWG. However, the navdata only show RWY 16R and 34R. In addition, there are no SIDs.

we have all runways in our navdata database and also the terminal procedure to 16C/34C.

Due the lack of any additional information from your side, here a screenshot from the MSFS (current AIRAC cycle):


LOWG Stars

You see, SIDs and STARs are available and can also be used.


Hi Richard,
first of all thanks for the feedback.
I have XPlane 11.52. macOS Catalina. AIRAC is current

As can be seen in the MCDU under “Runways available” there are only 16R and 34R. And: this RWYs are definitely not 3001meters long! And also not to fly IFR.

Since the grass RWYs 16L/R and 34L/R are only used for glider takeoffs and landings, there are no SIDs for them either. The main runway 16C/34C cannot be accessed.

However, I’ve now looked a little deeper: you’re absolutely right, the navdata seems to be complete. The RWYS are all included in the data. This issue only occurs with ToLiss airplane addons (A321, A319). These use the standard XPlane11 navdata. And it only occurs at LOWG. What can be the reason for this? Possibly that no position data is entered for the two runways left and right of 16/34C? (see image). I dont know.

In reality, I often landed and started in LOWG. The two lateral runways are only used for gliding. Even with a tiny C152 you will land in LOWG on the middle runway. Actually, the two grass runways don’t belong in the IFR-navdata, that’s my opinion.

In the end it’s just a very small problem that I can live with. However, I wanted to point that out.

By the way: all the Navigraph products, applications and services are fantastic!

Kind Regards, Erwin

Servus Erwin,
first of all, thank you very much for your kind words and also for the details.

I assume, I had no good news for you. We don´t offer any runway-information, nor airport-information in our AIRAC cycles for X-Plane 11. The data contains “only” terminal-procedures, waypoints, navaids, airways and ILS information but no runways, no com-frequencies, ATC boundaries or similar else.

So, in this case - we can´t be the reason for this. Anyway, I tried to reproduce it but I can´t. When I try to start from LOWG, I see this:

Also not the correct runways (17C/35C and 17LR/35LR) but there are all runways available.

ToLiss uses the default X-Plane dataset for his FMS and as you mentioned also, here the runways are correct and also complete. So, it looks that this is more a ToLiss issue and I would report this to ToLiss, why the FMS doesn´t show all runways and why the wrong one. We have no influence on that sorry.

Please report this to ToLiss, I´m 100% sure that this is an bug in the ToLiss FMS.


Servus Richard,

You are absolutely right: it seems to be a ToLiss problem, because with other ACFT like eg. FLYJSIM Q400 using the same file, it works.

However, I found a fairly simple solution: Deleted the two runways from the Navigraph/CIFP file for LOWG. Now it’s working.

Thank you for your kind support and have a good day.
Erwin, LOWL

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