No flight plan for MSFS

Dear Malte and Hi all, until the new version of navigraph charts I could save a flight plan in MSFS format (*.pln) via export and then call it up in the world map. Saving works, maybe. After calling up the saved file, no plan is displayed in the world map and none is loaded. I am not thrilled!!! Or am I doing something wrong, which I have always done with success so far? By the way, when I load an older flight plan (see below), it works perfectly.

EDDW09-LSZA01.pln (14.7 KB)
EDDF07R-EDDW09_old_flightplan.pln (7.4 KB)


Strange. We’re investigating.



Yes it was strange for me too!

Thanks a lot



Hi Stephen,
are there any solutions!

Perhaps the last update was not applied correctly, so I may simply have to uninstall the app and reinstall it completely.

Best regards

Hi Stefan,
I had the opportunity to test everything again today and lo and behold, it works.
Many thanks for your support.

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