Export MSFS Flight Plan not saving with file extension

As the title says.

  • Export a flight plan created in Navigraph for MSFS 2020.

  • Try to load flight plan in the MSFS world map.

  • Flight plan not found in folder.

  • Open the folder.

  • Flight plan is there but no file extension.

  • Edit file name to add .pln

  • MSFS world map now finds the flight plan.

  • Loads and integrates perfectly after adding the file extension.



Is this with each plan you save or just occasionally?

We shall investigate. In the meantime, check the pln extension is there when you save the plan.


Upon further testing…
If I accept the default file name, the file saves with the extension.
If changing the name, it only uses an extension if I include one.
I assumed that it would append any file name I used with the correct extension.
It does not. The Windows UI “save file” window accepts [all files *] when saving.
As long as I manually add .pln to my custom file name it is good.

As an experienced user it was an easy find for me. I expect less computer savvy users could benefit from the default extension being auto appended. I believe this is an option in the API for the save file window.

Just a thought.

Thank you for the update and suggestion which we shall consider for next Charts release.


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