Open MFS2020 Flight Plan on Navigraph

I prepared a flight plan in MFS2020 in PLN file.
But can’t open an MFS2020 PLN in Navigraph ?
Is There a solution ?
Thank you for advance,

Hello Philippe!

If what you’re saying is that you are unable to load a .pln file exported from MSFS2020 into the Navigraph Charts application, then that is in fact correct. The app currently does not support this import.
However, there is work going on right now in order to make this a possibility, so stay tuned!

Just as a suggestion in the meantime: our in-game panel supports importing of flightplans directly from the simulator with a single click. It is available in Navigraph Navdata Center, which in turn can be downloaded from your account pages at

Kind Regards,

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Hello again Philippe!

The day has come, and importing MSFS flightplans into Charts is now possible with the latest update.

Thank you for your patience!

Kind Regards,

Hello Malte
Thank you for this news, i testing as soon as possible.
Kind regards