Moving Maps after downloading x-plane 11.50

After downloading x-plane 11.50 I no longer have Sids Stars approaches or moving map… only airport frequencies? Do I have to go through the downoad from Navigraph once again??



Do you have Windows or Mac ? Which version number of either?

We have two products:

  1. Charts (which also needs Simlink for Moving Map)
  2. FMS Data

These are quite separate and have no requirement for the other to be installed or running.

Please advise what steps you have taken and what is not working. Screenshots would help as per
Posting Guide - Uploading Screenshots


Thanks Ian, I had to somehow allow the navigraph data into x-plane again. working now

Best wishes

Hi Jim,

You are welcome.

Glad it is solved.

Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy 2021.


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