Enable moving maps, could not connect to simulator!


I am operating on MacOS and have Navigraph Charts and FMS Data Manager. I have updated X-Plane via FMS Data Manager already and I have Navigraph on AviTab including the moving maps.

My issue is with Navigraph Charts. When I have X-Plane loaded, I go to Navigraph Charts, click Enable Moving Maps and I am given the following message “Could Not Connect to Simulator!”.

Can anyone please provide from guidance on this matter? How do I get Navigraph Charts Enable Moving Maps to work?

Navigraph is connect to AviTab with moving maps in X-Plane, which to me indicates that Navigraph has a connection to the simulator already.

Hi Beement,


Moving Maps requires Simlink which uses a different communications method to Avitab.

Are you using macOS Big Sur?

We are testing a new Chart/Simlink package for macOS Big Sur. Can I ask you to please wait for this release which should be soon


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Yes I am using macOS Big Sur. I will be patiently waiting for a macOS Simlink/Chart package.

Im using OS Big Sur as well and haven’t been able to use moving maps!

When will you guys have an update?



Please remove Charts and Simlink and Install Latest Charts and Simlink from Charts for MacOS.

Please post screenshot of Simlink Status as per FAQ - Simlink Install and Systray
Note “When you run the Simlink installer a green icon is placed in the Windows systray bottom right ( or macOS Status bar top right of screen )” when you run X-Plane.


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