Enable moving maps, could not connect to simulator!


I am operating on MacOS and have Navigraph Charts and FMS Data Manager. I have updated X-Plane via FMS Data Manager already and I have Navigraph on AviTab including the moving maps.

My issue is with Navigraph Charts. When I have X-Plane loaded, I go to Navigraph Charts, click Enable Moving Maps and I am given the following message “Could Not Connect to Simulator!”.

Can anyone please provide from guidance on this matter? How do I get Navigraph Charts Enable Moving Maps to work?

Navigraph is connect to AviTab with moving maps in X-Plane, which to me indicates that Navigraph has a connection to the simulator already.

Hi Beement,


Moving Maps requires Simlink which uses a different communications method to Avitab.

Are you using macOS Big Sur?

We are testing a new Chart/Simlink package for macOS Big Sur. Can I ask you to please wait for this release which should be soon


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Yes I am using macOS Big Sur. I will be patiently waiting for a macOS Simlink/Chart package.