Moving Map - Cannot detect running simulator


I have purchased the charts and fms data package on the weekend and downloaded it on my iMac.
I want to use it combination with X-plane 11.

as far as i understan, for the Mac download version of the charts you can not download SimLink as this is not necessary/required for the Mac. I have “Catalina” running on the Mac not “Windows”. Is that correct?

for the time being i cant connect Navicharts to x-plane 11 on my iMac.
I get the error message : “could not connect to the simulator”.

any assistance to get this running is appreciated.


Hello again,
sorry to bother you all. The problem was in front of the iMac.
I figured it out what I was doing wrong. Found the install button for SimLink in the downlod. It works now perfectly. Have a great day flying everybode :slight_smile:

Hi, as I have the same problem and cannot resolve it - please give us more information - how can you find SimLink in your download folder? What did you download before? thanks

Hello johwie, welcome to the new forum!

What OS are you running? If you are using Windows, the Simlink client can be downloaded from your account page at Navigraph. To find it, please navigate to Downloads > Simlink and download the latest client using the “Download” button. The installer will guide you through the process and once finished, the Charts application will be able to find your location and show it on the map.

If you’re using macOS however, Simlink is bundled with the Charts application and no additional downloads are required.

I hope this answers your question! If not, please advise and I’ll do my best to assist you!


Hi, thanks for your answer. After hours I found the download page, which is a little bit hidden … (the changes of the internet page are not optimal)
It work’s now
Thanks once more

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