Moving map support for X-Plane on Linux

My addition to the wishlist is support for moving maps in the charts on Linux for X-Plane.

Charts work fine in the webbrowser, the lack of the Electron charts app on Linux is not really a big deal, but the lack of simlink plugin on Linux is a critically missing feature for me. I love Navigraph, but since I moved to Linux I don’t feel I get the full benefit for the subscription anymore.


I would even help porting the plugin since I have developed X-Plane plugins for Linux. This would be a great addition and should not cause too much trouble. From my experience with X-Plane plugins the biggest issue is with some differences in the TCP/IP handling.

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So far it is a sad story. Others have offered help already if they would just ask for it and publish the protocol specs.
It probably requires OAuth as has been done for Avitab and several plane plugins already.

Agreed - this feature would be really welcomed on Linux + X-Plane.