API description for Linux implementation

I know that SimLink will not be implemented for Linux by your side and I totally understand your point. As I am using X-Plane 11 on Linux and as I am also a software developer, I would be interested in implementing it myself (and releasing it for free for others that would like to use it).

I know how to get data from X-Plane via UDP and as far as I understand SimLink just sends the position to some Navigraph server so that the position can be shown on the charts. Therefore, I would just have to write a program that receives the position from X-Plane, converts it to your data structures and then sends it to your server.

Is it possible to get a description of your API / protocol to send the position to your server?

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That would be so good if you could make this, I hope Ian or someone gives you the information you need.


Unfortunately, I did not get any information so far…


Thank you for your kind offer.

Our software products have a development methodology and importantly support infrastructure. It is one of the reasons we are a market leader.

We would therefore need this developed in house with this person-power structure in place. When Linux becomes a mainstream OS with customer numbers to match, we shall consider Linux support of Simlink and other products.

Thank you again for your offer.