Request Moving Map for X-Plane Linux

I’ve seen Twitch streamers mentioning that your Charts app is an electron (packaged Chrome) application. That’s great, because it is rather portable.

What are the reasons why you do not just build it for Linux as well?

I believe you use another software “Simlink” to get position data from the sim to that app (and/or to the cloud?).
Making cross-platform X-Plane plugins is rather trivial (see for example FlyWithLua/cmake.yml at master · X-Friese/FlyWithLua · GitHub) and since you are already supporting MacOS your devs know how to build “fat” plugins already!

What is holding you back to bring your Moving Map solution to X-Plane on Linux?

I am currently on the “FMS Yearly” plan. Having all charts in one place is enticing. But having them as a moving map would be a clear reason to make the switch to “Ultimate”.

I second this. I recently started being interested in X-Plane on Linux for the obvious advantages, but not having SimLink is a real bummer. If the API would allow it someone could even do it for free.

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