STAR Waypoints missing in A320

On many approaches the STAR waypoints are not loaded correctly into the A320, don’t know if this is a known problem. Here some screenshots from my recent KORD-KATL-flight.

I generated the FPLAN with Simbrief, loaded it into the Charts App and pre-selected the ILS approach with the desktop Charts app, exported the MSFS plan and loaded it before I started the flight. Here’s the plan: KORD/28R DCT CMSKY DCT CARYN DCT CYBIL DCT PXV J73 BNA DCT NEWBB DCT IHAVE DCT MTHEW CHPPR1 KATL/ZELOW.I26R.

Plan is loaded correctly into the FMC, I manually added the ILS approach:

However, the waypoints of the STAR are not loaded correctly:


Here is also a screenshot from SimToolkitPro showing the actual deviation from the original plan:

I’m using the FlyByWire Mod for the A320, hope it’s not related to that because I really don’t want to step back to the default A320… Navdata were updated today with a clean install of Beta17. And the simulator was newly installed 2 days ago due to a hardware upgrade.

The strange thing is, that sometimes the STARs are loaded correctly, but in about 50% of my approaches I have the STAR waypoings missing.

Is that a known issue, anything I can do on my side?

Hi …
thank you very much for the details and the screenshots. I guess it´s more a sim-issue as a navdata issue. I have loaded the CHPPR1 STAR with the BBABE transition into the TBM930 and here the sequence which we have in our data seems to be correct:

… and here the ILS26R with the ZELOW transition

So, I guess, it´s more a A320 issue (not the mod - I guess, its more the basic features underlying the mod). Sorry, but as you see the waypoints are in the correct sequence in our dataset.


ok, thanks anyway - I’ll try to stay patient :wink:

I can confirm what Richard wrote. I investigated the same issue. A320Nx doesn’t transit all waypoints STAR or SID, TBM does. However, MCDU contains all needed waypoints. For example; SID at LOWI airport ADIL2J. SID looks like this:

After takeoff, A320NX begins SID procedure but only to RUM waypoint then suddenly turns right to INN, omitting OEJ. It’s probable you end up your flight on the mountains surrounding Innsbruck because INN waypoint is on the top of the mountain.