Bnn1B Star EGLL (27L & 27R)

As above, STAR for 27 seems a bit of a ‘Dogs Breakfast’ when Navigraph is enabled.
This is a BNN1B arrival, and using the latest MSFS ‘America’ update

Star’s for 09 L/R also seem OK.
When Navigraph is disabled STAR’s for 27 are OK, also.

I have not investigated other Stars, however this is one that I have come across recently.



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its many problem waypoints and star sid and more is, bad but i hope msf20 fix it…

Hi Peter
The ironic part is that with Navigraph disabled the A/C flies the correct STAR.
Also noted that with Navigraph enabled the BNN transition is NOT available hence the possible STAR via BIG (as shown above)
With the standard MSFS enabled the BNN transion is available.

when you mean, that our data disable working procedures, then please remove our package and all is good.

There are so many postings in the MSFS forum about this issue, that I’m tired to reference to it. The main issue is, that the default A/C doesn’t handle transitions correctly. In no A/C.

Again, we use the same data as all other addons and you see that the procedure works correctly. The data is also compiled correctly in the MSFS, no error - which would it impossible to use it.

Last, all of this is still in beta due the lack of SDK documentation. Therefore we are also working on “try&error”.

Sorry for my unfriendly posting in this case, but we try our best to make all possible but there are so many technical restrictions, limitations and bugs thats currently impossible to offer a better quality.


Hi Richard.
Sorry for any convenience.
I’m sure that you all are doing your best under the present circumstances.
Hopefully we’ll all get there in the end. :grinning:

Al, please apologize my previous posting. I won’t offend you or your report. It was overreacted, sorry. Sometimes, it’s hard to see, that all the work will not effect the desired success.

Please apologize,

To the OP, whilst these sort of tracking errors are frustrating, they happen in the real world too.

As an example, for the exact approach in your example, my company’s documents include the following warning.

So in this case, you could argue it’s actually quite realistic :laughing:


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