Missing waypoints for pre-final join to EGAE ILSRWY26 approach

New subscriber to Navigraph here. (I couldn’t find a similar answer on the forums.)

I have airac 2108 rev.1 installed and was flying an approach into EGAE in Working Title CRJ4 mod today.

On the ILS approach chart there are two waypoints for different approaches to the ILS, DUNGV and COLRE.
Neither of these waypoints showed up as programmable waypoints in the CRJ FMC.
When I type in COLRE as a waypoint into the FMC I get a “not in database” error.
Using LittleNavMap with Navigraph 2108 selected for navaids and procedures I am not seeing either of these waypoints listed either.

Using the default MSFS data both waypoints are seen on the world map and programmable into aircraft FMCs

Am I missing something or are they not included in the database?

I updated to airac 2109 today and I see both waypoints DUNGV and COLRE are missing.

The official UK approach chart for EGAE has these waypoints listed for the approach

as does the Jeppesen chart provided with Navigraph

However they seem to be missing in the airac cycle… unless I am missing something.

first, the charts are differ because one is the NDB approach and one the ILS approach but anyway, the DIRECT ARRIVALS are not included because they don´t have any procedure-idents and therefore these procedures doesn´t fully-fill the ARINC424 requirements and can´t be coded.


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Cheers for the response.

I learn something new every day :smiley:

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Thamks, I too … but thanks for the interesting question :wink:


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