KTUS Runway Changes

KTUS has new runway designations & using the Longitude FMS there are no SIDS & STARS now.

right but this is more a MS/ASOBO issue than a navdata issue. You have still all terminal procedures for 04/22 and 12/30 in your data but the scenery in the sim is outdated and that´s a part of MS/ASOBO.

The problem is, that when the sim can´t assign the existing procedures to the runways in the scenery, the sim disable the terminal procedures and that´s exactly here the case. In the sim you have the old runways 03/19, 11L/R and 29L/R. We in the charts and also in the data offers the new one 04/22 and 12/30. So the sim can´t assigned it and disable it even they are existing in the data, on your machine.

When you find a 3rd party scenery, with the correct runways and you install it, you will IMMEDIATELY see all terminal procedures, without any change or revision from our side.

Again, please report this to MS/ASOBO - all terminal procedures for 04/22 and 12/30 are still included.

Here a screenshot from LNM comparing the ASOBO data and our data:

MS/ASOBO current data (without our data):

Our current data:

… and last, this is what you have on your system. The old/outdated KTUS scenery with the old runways + the new terminal procedures from us. Due the runway-assigment limitation in the sim, can´t you select the new terminal procedures but all are still there:

You see, we have also the new runways + the new terminal procedures for these new runways. ASOBO uses the old runways + the old terminal procedures.

Hope that helps,

Ah! Ok cool I’ll wait for the SIm to update & the addon scenery for it as well. Thanks for the explanation!

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