after updated to 2112 v2 version, all VHHH STAT gone but all rest of likes SID of VHHH

is fine.

sorry but this has nothing todo with the navdata, it´s a sim issue. The runways are changed from 07L/25R to 07C/25C. In the sim you have only the old runway-idents. The logic now in the sim is, when a terminal procedure can´t be assigned to an in sim existing runway, the sim suppress these STARs. That´s not what we have in our hand sorry - that´s the logic in the sim.

Here the runway which exists in the sim:

… and here the real reality:

The procedures are all included in the files, but the sim can´t handle it due the wrong runway-ident, sorry.


VHHH 3RD RUNWAY is still work in progress without opening, May I know the chart was changed in real life as well so that your Navdata changed accordingly. If like that, it all makes sense now.

WFSS has updated the VHHH runway information, SID and STAR will appear after the update.

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