Missing Runway GPS Data at KMGJ

I’m tracking down GPS data problems with the RW data at KMGJ. The IRL RW 3/21 was moved and relabeled RW 4/22 in Jan of 2019. FAACIFP18 data is correct, as is all other IRL sources. When I use Navigraph data in XP11.55, upon selecting “Select Approach” on the GNS430, an error occurs: “Procedures could not be loaded: Missing waypoint RW04”. I’m using cycle 2107 (XP11 and GNS430), however this has been a persistent problem for over a year. Can someone verify, or teach me how to verify, that the Navigraph data is or is not correct? -Thanks!

I have checked our KMGJ file and it´s also correct

You see 04/22 and 08/26 - the correct runways. The “Missing waypoint RW04” is a waypoint in the terminal procedures, but this waypoint doesn´t exist in the waypoint file, which is normal by the way. We are in contact with the XP devs to find out, what the real reason is because as you see, the “waypoint” RWxxx is correct and also the coordinates.

Will come back, when I have an answer - thanks for your patience

Thank you!

I’m happy to help, though my strength is persistence rather than knowledge :slight_smile:

If this helps:

If I remove all third party Custom Data - The GPS works, I can pick approaches, no problems, but of course the Navdata is out of date, and the old runway 3/21 at KMGJ shows up in the list. I mean, yeah, we know this.

If I use FAACIFP18 (renamed as earth_424.dat) - When I select “Select Approach” on the 430 and then press enter, I see the list of approaches. If I then select a “bad” approach, so in our case any approach for RWs 4 or 22, then this error appears: “GPS Runtime Error: Invalid runway selected, Please provide flightplan for bug report, Find it under Output/preferences/…” (attached). If you just click Understood, you then see the correct list of IF’s for that approach. If you select a “good” approach (anything for RW 8 or 26), everything works fine.

If I use the Navigraph data - Pressing Enter after choosing Select Approach causes a Missing RWxx Waypoint error.

I thought I’d describe this nuance in case it helps point us in better direction.

I’m onboard that it’s a XP11 issues. I thought that any data in the Custom Data folder would override XP data, but somehow it’s still relying on XP data in there somewhere. Do you happen to know what file holds that data? (I mean… if you’re making headway with Laminar, then don’t waste your time on me :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time on this! Cheers!

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And maybe this is a similar problem:

IRL, the identifier for Kobelt Airpark is N45. That identifier was changed from 10N sometime between 1995 and 2000. XP11 still shows it on the map as 10N. This airport has no published approaches. Using Navigraph data, the airport also shows up on the map and on the 430 as 10N. When I pick through the Navigraph text files, I do see N45 Kobelt listed in GNS430/navdata folder/Airports.txt. Do you think there is another file with authority above this data file?

Thanks again,

Some other thoughts as I explore this:

It seems clear that XP11 is depending on third party data to populate the airport and nav data (unless a user is fine with the defaults). And the Navigraph data files dropped into Custom Scenery should override everything in the Default folder. The files are one-for-one by name except for earth_awy.dat, which looks like the enroute fix db that XP doesn’t want edited or replaced. Given all that, what would be left in XP to be a mismatch? In otherwords, if the Navigraph data is providing all the data, how would a mismatch be with XP data if all of the XP data had been overridden?

In XP, on the map as my plane sits at nearby KSWF… If I Select Approach there, I see a list of nearby ILS approaches, plus what I assume for the rest are visual approaches. The RNAV approaches aren’t listed, but at least the ILS 04 at KMGJ is listed. So this seems to check.

I am able to enter the fix NUDUE into the 430. NUDUE is a waypoint on the RNAV22PRNCE approach. It is not listed in any of the XP11 default files. In addition, DIYAD, which was a fix on the old ILS03 approach, which no longer exists irl, does appear in the default earth_fix.dat file, but not in the current Navigraph file, and does not come up on the 430. So lots of evidence that Navigraph data is properly loading and overriding the default.

I did just copy the top of the scenery info out of the scenery pack that was incorporated into 11.55 and into the default scenery of XP and it works. I find it troubling that that fixes it.

I have discuss this with the Laminar developer and it´s indeed an XP-scenery/navdata issue, specially for this Airport. There are special requirements, which must be full-fill between an XP-scenery and the navdata (specially the runway-thresholds). When one of both doesn´t match exactly (+/- a little variation), you get the “MIssing RWxxx” - error.

You should report this issue to the XP gateway that LMR can correct this in one of the next XP updates. We have checked the navdata and they are correct so far but doesn´t match 100% with the XP scenery and therefore the error-message.

Sorry, please report this to the XP Scenery Gateway that they can fix this.


Thanks very much for your help on this.

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