Where are my local approaches?


Just subscribed to update my GPS databases in XPlanes 11 and now the approaches for my local airport are missing. The Navigraph update was seemingly successful as the database no longer shows out of date, so don’t understand why I’m missing current data.

Also, isn’t this program supposed to update runway headings/markings and other geographic features?


Please be so kind and let us know your local airport because without it, its impossible to check it! At least, there are normally a few other important things what are helpful but I won’t stress you … Let us find the answer of your local airport first.

No, we update the navdata (navaids, waypoints, airways, terminal procedures, localizer/glideslopes, …) for the addons but we don’r change anything in sceneries of the sims. As you wrote … GPS updates.


Thanks Richard. The airport identifier is 6S5 (Ravalli County, Montana) and there are two published GPS approaches.

Thanks, 6S5 is the former ICAO code … Now it"s KHRF Ravalli Country Airport and with this code you will find two RNAV GPS approaches, one for 17 and one as Circle-To-Land without a runway ident.

Hope that helps

Yes, you are correct, but neither identifier displays the approaches. Perhaps I need to reload the entire update?

Possible, XP11 uses the former code and therefore you don’t find the code in XP11.

Simple to check:
Try to enter KHRF in XP11 to select the airport. When XP11 can’t find it try 6S5 … when 6S5 is working, you know that XP11 itself is outdated and you should report this to X-Plane.