Missing waypoint data: “Missing waypoint RW01L at KAPC”

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In summary, load up KAPC in a FPL, try to add an approach results in the message above from XP and no approaches loaded nor found.

Using latest XP 11.55 build, this issue persists when using Navigraph, latest cycles. When using default XP data, no issues, approaches are fine.

Have reported to XP (as have many others), XP says its an issue with the Navigraph data as it works fine with the nav data they provide.

I am happy to rabbit hole this one down to a solution, but the Navigraph responses in the other thread were a bit vague on what exactly might be the issue … “this is an scenery runway coordinate limitation between the cycle and the scenery”. If its simply something that needs to be changed in the airport/runway data, I can facilitate that and push it upstream to XP, just need to know what is wrong or needs to be changed.

we also have received exactly these answer from the XP devs. This is not what we have figured out therefore, we have no solution for this. The coordinates in our files are correct so far and we can’t do more as offering the correct data, sorry.

Again, this vague answer was directly 1:1 the answer what we have received from their devs. Sorry. It has anything todo with a delta calculation between scenery and navdata bit again, we haven’t also received no other details as this answer.


Just use the latest KAPC scenery from the scenery gateway.

Here are instructions how to do that, though the instructions are for KMNE. Doesn’t matter, KAPC will work just the same. Instead of replacing F24 with KMNE, just replace default KAPC with latest KAPC: KMNE - default scenery - Newest Navigraph, Right ICAO, wrong in apt.dat - XP11 FMS and Nav data - X-Plane.Org Forum

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Thanks @PhilippM, that worked. Seems even though the gateway lists it as being included in 11.55, something went amiss as the version in 11.55 has about 2000 less lines of code in the files indicated than the one on the scenery gateway.

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