Navigraph FMS Database Update

Brand new to this. I am running X-plane 11 and wanted to updated my procedures. I followed the directions for Navigraph FMS Database updates and then went to x-plane. When I went to load an approach the typical drop down menu was gone and instead now I see NONE in the drop down menu. I am sure it is operator error. Please help. Thanks


Please can you explain what you have done and how?

Thank you

I downloaded and installed NAVIGRAPH FMS Data manager.
Clicked on Addon List
Only thing that showed up was X-plane 11 (11.50+) so I checked the box and hit download. It shows 2313 rev 1 at the moment. I assumed this means that Xplane should now have an updated data base so I opened my sim panel hit direct to a destination and tried to put in a procedure which is when I get NONE in the list of procedures.

I have an IFR FAA exam coming up and need a solution as soon as you are able please. Thank you

I have just been in the phone with GLEIM which is the sim I am running. It looks like the issue I am having is with a specific airport KMGJ. Something to do with the scenery. It’s missing from the database. I am however not sure if it’s an Xplane issue or NAVIGRAPH.

Right, KMGJ has no terminal procedures, not in our source nor on the FAA. So, there are no procedures available.


They do I am afraid. I have flown them in the SIM and in person. They have several approaches: ILS 4, VOR 8 and 4 RNAV approaches.

Sorry, was not clear from my side - approaches are available yes, also in our database, but no departures or arrivals.


Fantastic. That said do we have a solution to the issue? Thanks

Good afternoon Richard,
I hope this message finds you well.
Is there a short term solution to get the approaches for KMGJ?

sorry that this thread was closed automatically without any further answer. Ian had forward me the ticket now and therefore, I have re-open it.

The issue with KMGJ is not a navdata one, it´s a scenery issue in XP-11. You see this also, when you try to load KMGJ into any Garmin, FMC/S or similar:

You see the X-Plane message? “Procedure could not be loaded: Missing waypoint RW04. Missing runways should be reported to the X-Plane Scenery Gateway.”

You should get this message too but you never has written to it. Please report this issue to the Gateway, that Laminar can fix this.

I have also checked the approaches in our file, which we offer in the XP11 dataset and which you have on your machine. All approaches are included

Here a screenshot of it

… also all correct runways:

RWY:RW04 ,     ,      ,00355, ,IMGJ,1,   ;N41302894,W074160540,0000;
RWY:RW08 ,     ,      ,00352, ,    , ,   ;N41302251,W074160501,0000;
RWY:RW22 ,     ,      ,00370, ,    , ,   ;N41311472,W074154051,0000;
RWY:RW26 ,     ,      ,00361, ,    , ,   ;N41303584,W074152473,0315;

So, please report this issue to Laminar via the Scenery-Gateway … we can´t fix this, sorry. All data seems to be in place and correct so far but it looks there is somewhere a scenery-issue.

Thank you,