NZQN Approaches MIA?

So, I are cornfused. (It’s a southern expression…)

The Charts data has multiple approaches into this airport. The one I was specifically looking for was RNP-Z Rwy 23, but that was far from the only one missing, specifically in (at least) in the G3000 (stock version) in the TBM.

Charts has them, Simbrief has them, but the only approach shown for that runway is a visual, and some random nonspecific runway ones.

How can the navdata & charts have them, but they are not showing up? Or is it me? IRL, given the terrain, I’m not sure I’d fly in there unless it was severe clear, but it seems odd that the same database that shows them on the one hand, doesn’t on the other.


Are you sure you’ve actually installed the Navigraph data into your sim? These approaches are not included in the default sim navdata as they’re operator/aircraft specific IRL.

it looks the famous RNAV05-Y/Z and RNAV23Y/Z approaches will be disabled in the TBM for some reasons. We have these approach for sure in the database and when you try it with the stock Airbus A320 you see all these procedures, also on the WorldMap - so, it seems possible a bug in the TBM or there is any reason why such procedures are not selectable.

from the stock Airbus A320:

… and here directly from the WorldMap:

You see, the procedures are all included and selectable. These approaches are only available, when you have our AIRAC installed because the stock AIRACs are in-complete and partly not 100% correct, according the real-world.

Sorry, I don´t see any navdata issue here - all approaches are included but it seems that the TBM disable these approaches for some reasons.


I think the reason is that the TBM is not certified for RNP AR approaches.

That is indeed why, the real-life TBM isn’t certified for RNP AR so WT have made the decision not to include RNP AR approaches in their rework of the aircraft.

Well, what do you know, that’s absolutely as it should be, despite my frustration. I ended up crashing on short final, not sure if I had some controller config issues (I use a Velocity Flightstick combined with a Bravo), and had been having issues with the TBM specifically wanting to do some crazy banking on me at AP disconnect, or it could have been a good old fashioned mountainous windshear of some kind, as it was very hilly and very windy. Some of the most intense turbulence I’ve seen from MSFS in awhile, especially for something as heavy and stable as the TBM.

Thanks for the tips, fellas, that is definitely something to file away in the memory bank for future use, as I’ve been able to do approaches that I don’t think the plane/avionics combo is authorized for in the past. I have gotten the ‘This is not certified for GPS use’ warning at times, but I just ignored it and plowed forward.

Interesting that a transport category plane like the TBM would not have such a certification, I know if I had the coin required to own and operate one (I most assuredly do not!), I would be more than a bit miffed about that, but I don’t think they’re gonna change real world planes to make a flight simmer non-customer happy anytime soon.

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