Missing returning messages in the CDU

Hi there. I am for a long time now a navigraph user. Did not know of SimBrief, or didn’t read the news, but I am in now and it looks nice. However I have some questions:

  • Aint there a way that SimBrief also calculate the CG?
  • I use Prosim version3. I do not know if this is because of Prosim. In the INIT REF INDEX there is a ACARS line. When I click on it, it shows me a black window.
  • DLINK PREFLIGHT -Flightplan: I can click on it and I see there’s is a VHF connection. But the FP is not presented. The same:
  • DLINK REQUESTS - Flightplan, the same
  • DLINK ATIS too. Pressing Send, not return.

I am curious about any answers on this, for which I thank you



SimBrief does not calculate the CG. It only considers total mass when flight planning, not how that mass is distributed.

Distribution (and therefore CG) is normally calculated much closer to departure since it depends on how the ground crew loads the cargo and where passengers are seated. By contrast, flight plans are normally created hours before departure, when the final distribution and CG isn’t known yet.

For your other questions, you should ask them to Prosim support. I believe they have a user forum available.

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Thank you for your fast reply!

A clear reply. I was used with PFPX that the CG was calculated too and could be read in the loadsheet.

Since SimBrief has its own ACARS place in Prosim 737, I think the developers will consider a way to make this available sooner or later in their scripts.

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