Exporting weights and distribution

Hi, I just came across your product, I have always used PFPX+Topcat, I thought it was excellent, but the only big no that is stopping me from using it is that you can’t (unlike pfpx/topcat) get weight (payload fuel, pass nos and weights, cargo) into my aircraft (prosim 737) without manually calculating the split of fuel between tanks, passenger distribution throughout the aircraft (weight and numbers), cargo split between holds. It can be done, but it is a pain and there is no random element to it (eg distribution of passengers, nos of children), all of which is done via a button click with Topcat (it sends it via fsuipc to prosim Instructor Station).

I hope this can be considered in the future

I see you have a mechanism to upload FMS data, but that is the easy bit I don’t need, it is easy to copy/paste the ATC route, and the SIDs/STARs I enter later into the CDU anyway when ATC provide them


Hi Charles,

SimBrief currently has no concept of weight/fuel distribution, from an enroute flight planning perspective it makes no difference. So before it would be able to export such information, it would first need to be updated to calculate it in the first place.

My current opinion is that this is much better left to the individual add-on developers to implement. There are too many possible variations for SimBrief to manage this reliably.

Many add-ons already do this when importing a SimBrief flight plan. For example, after receiving the total weight and fuel from SimBrief, the add-on automatically determines a reasonable distribution and sets the zone weights accordingly. I don’t see why ProSim couldn’t do the same.

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Thanks, yes and I’ll try pushing for it but more weight would probably come from Simbrief/Navigraph than me. But here is a better suggestion:-

Topcat does it by having a txt file for each type of aircraft (B738, A321 etc) and this has all the necessary information. Topcat has, for example, a generic B738 txt file and then Prosim provided a txt file for its B738, PMDG for its B738, etc and these are obviously easily editable by users. If Simbrief were to do that, you just need to add the ability for users to edit or create their own txt file (or whichever format works better).

The only other thing I saw that was lacking from Simbrief compared to Topcat is that there is no performance calculation that would happen with dispatch, specifically takeoff (eg limiting weight:- TOW, Climb weight, Runway Length weight and v speeds, etc) and landing (LDA, ALD, etc and the weight limiters). Again, the data for these could all be added in by users via the txt file mentioned above. Here are the pieces I mean within Topcat:

I wouldn’t spend so much time on this if I didn’t think your product excellent, because in all other areas it is 2nd to none, but I just can’t use it without this type of data, which you would have in the real world and would want in a highly realistic sim experience

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