Add CG% to Flight Plan PDF

I recently started using a custom Flight Data sheet which i fill out prior to all commercial flights. I fill it with all sorts of data derived from the Simbrief Flight Plan including fuel, cargo, routing, etc. Many of these items are requested by onboard EFB flight planners such as those found on Airbusses and Embrarers. One item, however, cannot be found in the Simbrief Plan… the aircraft Center of Gravity percentage or CG%. It would be terrific if this could be added to the Plan PDF, perhaps to the upper right listing on the first page.
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Steve Haines

That would be near impossible for Simbrief to calculate, as it doesn’t have the necessary information and data to calculate the CG. Without going into great details, it’s a series of values which are specific per type of aircraft that is needed to calculate the CG.

I am a Weight and Balance specialist for a European flag carrier, so I would be more than happy to help with this task, but realistically it can not be done

Thank you! Very kind of you to reply so quickly. And I appreciate your answer. Just curious if it could be done as Simbrief provides literally every other piece of data required to set up a sim flight.

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Steve Haines

Plus, from a flight planning perspective, manufacturer’s tools and flight planning systems, and dispatchers, don’t care where the CG is located as long as its in the curtailed envelope - the fuel burn doesn’t change enough to be visible.

Well, that’s not entirely true regarding the fuel burn, but for the sake of this original question. Yes, as long as it is within the envelope, that’s all that matters.

You can have aircraft that have a higher MZFW depending on the the CG is located, so there is a benefit to know the CG. But that’s more for the loadplanner/loadmaster to worry about

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