Missing point?

South of EGKK, there is the WILLOW point. It doesn’t appear on the global IFR chart, but when you search it, the stack associated with it appears, but not the point. And when we want to add a FIX in the MCDU, for instance to manage an ENG OUT departure, it doesn’t exist in the MCDU.
MSFS 2020 > FBW A320 NEO.
Could you help? Thank you!

FMS and chart problem?

neither - you don´t see any terminal waypoints on the global chart because it would be too confusing but as you have figured out, you can select it because the waypoint WILLO is available and also the position:

Also, you see WILLO on the WorldMap in MSFS - so it´s available/included too in this dataset.

Last I have tried it with the FBW and here, I can select WILLO without any issue (using AIRAC 2203 and FBW latest dev version):

Can you confirm, that you have installed the latest AIRAC cycle via the latest Navigraph Navdata Center (v1.0.7).


Thank you for your so quick response! I checked that, and it’s ok for me too. WILLO exists everywhere! Actually, I had WILLOW on my ENG OUT SID, and… Forgot the difference with the FMS database name :smirk:. Not the first time for me to make this error.
So thank you for helping :smiley:. Alain

No prob Alain :slight_smile: … Yes, the waypoint idents have only a length of 5 characters max :wink:

Anyway, don’t hesitate to contact us again, if you have any question. Have a nice weekend!


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