Missing Minimums on Approach Chart?

The LYTV NDB Y Rwy 14 approach chart does not show any minimums. And the waypoint that is 6.3NM from TAZ NDB was labeled as 3.9 TIV DME on an older Jepp chart. The older chart also had minimums.

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Just above your annotation, there is a note that lets you know where you can find the information. If you open the 19-11 chart, you will find MDAs for both runways!

Navigraph Charts 06-12@2x

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Thanks for pointing that out!
What still seems strange to me is the waypoint that is 6.3NM from TAZ NDB (the MAP) is not labeled with a DME value as are the other waypoints. And as I mentioned above, it is labeled 3.9 NM from TIV on the older chart. Seems odd they would revert to just using timing for that on the newer chart.

I will try to answer this question …

This NDB has no DME component and therefore the missing DME reference like you see it on the TAZ NDB (= D7.3 TIV).

Also, I have compared the information from the AIP Serbia/Montenegro and it seems, they have changed the coding because as you see, there is also only the 6.3 NM information available and not that 3.9/TIV reference what you are mentioned from older charts.

So, it looks that the charts were changed from the country to this minimum information - that´s the reason, why also Jeppesen can offers these information only.

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OK, thanks very much for the updated info.

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