LYTV Missing NDB Approaches for Runway 14/32

Hello, not certain if this was an issue prior to or after the recent update however, the NDB Circling approaches are missing for Runway 14 at LYTV. I recently downloaded a new scenery for the airport so don’t know if that is an issue either ( simMarket: PYREEGUE DEV CO. - TIVAT, MONTENEGRO MSFS. I’ve removed Navigraph Beta and the approaches show up in the native MSFS database and when I reinstalled you can see them missing. Thanks as always!

Native MSFS Database

With Navigraph

Hi Jonathan,
it´s exactly the same - when you compare it with the real-world charts, you see that the NDB-approaches are all CTL approaches (circle-to-land). The final part of both CTL Y/Z approaches for 14 or 32 are identically, only the two transitions OLIVU and MAMOL are different between Y and Z. Therefore you can code the final part as CTL NDB approach plus transitions (if existing).

This is only a internal coding of the different data provider nothing else. Circling approaches can but must not be assigned runways. In this case NavBlue assigned it to the runways and Jeppesen not.

Hope that helps

Hi Richard,

Many thanks for the quick response and that makes perfect sense. Thanks again and cheers!

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