Minimum Enroute Altitudes Not Displayed (Repost)

Hi Folks,

Apologies if this has been asked before, but I searched and didn’t find anything.

I’m struggling with minimum enroute altitudes. Take a typical flight from NZNP - VAMSU - IDLOK - EMSAR - GORGA - GENDA - NZNR; I can get altitude information from NaviGraph SID and STAR charts (the way they overlay is superb!) but for sections of the route that aren’t on either (eg IDLOK to EMSAR) I can’t find any way to see an appropriate MEA for that route (other than the 7100’ for that particular grid sector).

In contrast, the same route on clearly shows a MEA of 3600’ for that segment.

Where can I find this info on the NaviGraph chart?

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Hi Colin,

We currently are missing this data from our data provider. We are enquiring if this is something we could get in the future.


Thanks Ian,

I must admit to being surprised by this; given that it’s available from free sites but not from a paid one - especially considering that it’s “kinda important” when simulating IFR flight.

Hopefully it’ll get added soon.

Cheers, Colin

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