Flightplan fra Katmandu to Lukla

Vatsim has a recommended routing from Katmandu to Lukla which can be found in this “Lukla Handbook”: https://www.nepalvacc.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/LUKLA_HANDBOOK.pdf

The recommended routing via GPS is VNKT-KTM-VNRC-VNLD-VNLK
Unfortunately the airports VNRC and VNLD can’t be found in Simbrief, and VNLD can’t be found in Navigraph.
I’m linking to Wikipedia so you can see which airports this is: Ramechhap Airport - Wikipedia
Lamidanda Airport - Wikipedia

Would be great if your data can be updated with those airports so they can be used as waypoints in Navigraph.

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Hi Thomas,
I will try to add VNLD to our database in one of the next cycles but be aware, in the current Charts-App you can´t use airport-icao codes for route-planning. This is a feature for the new upcoming app but not for this app. But again, I will try to add VNLD (airport + runways) as tailored records to the database.


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