EGLL ILS RWY 27 Missing Frequency and DME

Yesterday, I flew the PMDG 737 ( latest version with UFT) into Heathrow. I selected the BIG transition onto the ILS for 27L. I had both Nav1 and Nav 2 Radios tuned to 110.5 for the ILS and I should have picked up the signals for LOC and GS at least by 15 DME.

However there was no DME and neither was there a signal for the ILS, so when I pressed the Approach button the Mode fell back to IAN with FAC and GP. This was good enough to get me on the ground safely, but I wanted to fly a precision approach and wasted 2 hours of settting up. I thought the whole point of Navigraph was get all the dots joined up, but when one of the busiest airports in the world is missing such basic facilities, it does make me wonder what’s going on. I have installed the latest Airac for November with Navigraph Hub. Heathrow is default scenery.

27L = 109.50
27R = 110.30

first of all, I have checked our source and the MSFS dataset - both reflects the real world

Navigraph AIRAC 2311 installed:

Additional to this, I have tried the approach ILS approach 27L with the PMDG 737 and also here, I can´t reproduce it - I see the LOC, I see the GS and also the DME as expected:

… at D7.5 ILL - exactly as on the charts:

at D4.0 ILL - still exactly as on the charts:

… and last D1.0 ILL … still the same

So, I assume the issue in on your side as on the navdata side. Also, when you read the chart correctly, you will see the the ILS DME for 27L (ident ILL) is 109.50 and not 110.30 …

Sorry, more an handling issue on your side as a navdata issue.


I think I need to go to Specsavers !!!. I’ve read the frequencies wrong on the charts. The IAN feature in the 737 saved my bacon. Sorry Richard.

No probs … we are humans and such mistakes happen in real too. So, fine when it’s solved :wink:


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