LEMG ILS 31 not tuning in MCDU

Ok did my NG first flight from Stansted to Malaga LEMG. I got it all mapped out nicely in simbrief and the chart/star/approach lined up in NG but it was taking a long time for the ILS to show up on the PDF of the a320.

I then checked Rad/Nav on the MCDU and there was no frequency tuned, checked the fpln again and the approach and it was all setup there for ILS 31 but still not tuning, tried to apply it all again no dice.
Tried to enter GAA/109.9 manually into the mcdu and got out of range.

I then tested and changed the approach to an oposite runway ILS 12 and that tuned fine, and showed up in the pfd instantly. So I guess there is an issue with that particular ILS.

Just to make sure I didn’t stuff it up myself I loaded in again in an approach position, entered it all in the MCDU on the fly and again no tuned ILS either, opposite direction works fine.

I’m obviously new to NG but I guess this is case of some nav data not syncing with FS2020 or is the issue within FS2020 and this was just a case of back luck as admittedly I have not flown into LEMG before so I can’t compare to the default data. But if it’s related to NG is there any way to avoid these issues before undertaking a flight to then find out in the end it’s not working which is quite frustrating.


Hi …
the main issue is, that the runway 13/31 is missing from the default scenery - only 12/30 are available. Sorry, but that´s an ASOBO/MS issue rather then a navdata issue.


Great I guess I just picked a freak airport here as looking at the charts there is indeed both a runway 30 and 31, and they literally look like they should have been 30R and 30L but the concreters had too much sangria so one is a degree out. I thought initially when reading your response that it was the data from MS was a degree out for the same runway but I see now.

Is this a common issue though, should I get into the habit of ensuring all runways exist in FS2020 prior to planning my flight?


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