Missing Charts in EDDM?

Hey everyone,

I just was planning a flight from EDDK to EDDM via simbrief and was taken a route to Munich via the anora arrival. I could not find a ANORA ARRIVAL in the Charts.

Are there missing some or is it a airac issue?

Many thanks


STAR’s changed in cycle 2103 as noted on the charts, ANORA procedures no longer appear to exist.

Thanks a lot … :wink:

Did you set SimBrief to use the latest cycle, 2103?



I don’t think the AIRAC cycle would help the OP in this instance Stephen, many of the ‘suggested’ routes do not have an arrival procedure assigned. The route ends at ANORA, a waypoint that still exists.

Hi Stephen,

In fact I missed to update cycle in simbrief, and “voila”, the suggested route is invalid with the anora arrival.

But you still can choose Anora as final waypoint of the route - I will have to check the current procedures, there is to designated arrival anymore - maybe I have to choose a different final waypont.

Thanks for your help


… WPT “ROKIL” is now part of the airway, guess it wasnt before the new airac cycle. From Rokil I have Arrivals and Transitions…

Some suggested routes are correct, others not.

The last route used by a user is listed at the top, if it is incorrect ( and there can be some woeful routes ) and that is what you select then you can still end up with ANORA.

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