Part of the flight plan disappears

Hi guys, for a few days part of my flight plan has no longer been displayed. On the other hand, the procedures around LMFD for example are “exploded”. Am I the only one or is this a temporary bug?

Hello! Thanks for posting.

This is perfectly normal for this airport. If you take a look at the charts associated with these procedures, you can see that the “missing parts” are sections which are vectored by ATC:

Note the “EXPECT RADAR vectoring” in the routing instructions. This means that we can’t possibly draw them on the map, unfortunately. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Oh well, thanks a lot for the explanation.
I’m just wondering how come I didn’t encounter this “problem” until a few days ago, a change from AIRAC2401?

No worries! I guess that could be the case, but the procedures have been like this since September according to the charts. How did it use to look for you?

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OK no worries, we’re not going to live in the past. I was just surprised and I also noticed that everything was visible on the SimBrief map and not on Charts 8.

The route overview in SimBrief assumes that you will be vectored in the general direction of the next waypoint. Behind the scenes, it does include the approximate turns required to fly the vectored part of the procedure. The route is connected in an effort to keep the overview simple.

Navigraph Charts currently shows nothing instead, since its primary purpose is navigation - and showing a direct line would be misleading in this case. We’ll likely rethink this in the future to see if we can find something that is a bit more obvious when looking at it for the first time (without looking at the chart), but this is what it currently looks like.

Thanks for being understanding! I hope this helps clear up the last bits :slight_smile:

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Congratulations for this magnificent software that is Charts 8 and for the quality of your very clear answers.

It’s fine and clear up the last bits :+1:

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