EDDK Night Transitions #N and #S

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Quick question, though I guess this won’t be possible. Any chance you guys could take the DEPOK/GULKO/ERNEP/KOPAG - 1S and 1N RNAV Transitions, out the simbrief selection for EDDK?

These are NIGHTTIME-only transitions, which are avbl BY ATC ONLY. But unfortunately for Simbrief, these are the preferred and standard arrivals, which in fact should be the #V and #C arrivals.

Unfortunately, this happens more and more frequently on VATSIM, which makes work difficult and annoying for controllers doing EDDL_APP, because most people just follow the STAR, as it’s the preferred one out of Simbrief.

So the best option, at least from a VATSIM controller perspective, would be to entirely cut these out of the selection or at least make the #C or #V (dependent on RWY direction) arrivals the primary ones, in the route selection. :slight_smile:



Sure, I’ve removed the 1S and 1N STARs from the default suggestions.

This might create a different problem though. The C/V STARs are coded as being valid for all runways in the AIRAC data. Which means that for example, SimBrief might assign #C when landing south, and #V when landing north. There is nothing I can do about this because it is coded this way in the AIRAC data (you’ll notice that the STAR charts also don’t say that the COL/WYP transitions are meant for any specific runways).

At least with the RNAV transitions, they are labelled for specific runways, so the STAR will normally match the planned runway. But this might not be the case with the C/V STARs.

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Wow that was fast and much appreciated help!

Too bad you can’t do anything about the C/V assignments. While as you mentioned, they’re kind of universal in their usage, they have a clear pattern of usage.

14L+R - #V (IAFs are WYP and NVO)
06/24/32L+R - #C (IAFs are COL and NVO)

I do hope, that most pilots will consider that in their flightplanning and directly use the correct one then.

But at least, we maybe won’t see that much pilots violating the Düsseldorf airspace now, with #N+#S being not the standard anymore :slight_smile:

Thanks and happy holidays!

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