How do I know if I properly updated the Navdata in the FMC

I hope this makes sense. I’ve been flying the FBW A320 and I fly on VATSIM. On numerous occasions route changes occur during the VATSIM session and I frequently would see SID’s, STARS, fixes, and waypoints not in the current FMC database. Someone told me that I need to subscribe to navigraph charts, and I did that today. Used the navdata center to install the Airac cycle, thinking this would solve the problem. In fact I wanted to join a group on VATSIM flying to KORD. As I selected the destination airport in the FMC and then the arrival runway, normally the next thing to choose is the STAR. Lo and behold there were no STARS to choose from. And I know for sure Chicago O’Hare has STARS. So did I do something wrong? Just cant figure it out. How do I know for sure I properly updated my nav info.

in general, when you see the correct AIRAC cycle in the Navigraph Navdata Center ypu can be sure that ypu have installed it correctly.

Also, when you check the ident page in your FMC you see also if your aircraft is updated correctly or not.

To your example KORD:
This airport is very outdated in the default MSFS. A runway is missing and therefore the sim can’t assign the corresponding STARs. The logic in the sim is now, that what that happend (runway missing, wrong runway ident, …) all STARs will be disables and you don’t see it nor you can’t select it.

This is not a navdata issue, it’s a sim limitation. There are several postings here in the forum about KORD. Please use the search function.

You do nothing wrong, the STARs are included but not visible because the sim disable it due the outdated scenery in the sim. When you use any 3rd Party scenery, where you have all runways you will see that you can select it as expect.


Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. But I also think I misunderstood what I subscribed to. It appears that unless I have the ultimate package, I wont be able to view any applicable chart. The basic plan only gets you updates to the FMC, correct?

Ok, I get KORD issue. but here’s one I don’t get. Selecting the ILS27L at KATL and the HOBTT2 arrival SHYRE transition. The next fix after ENSLL should be EAGYL. The “updated” version has me going to RAIIN instead of what should be EAGYL. RAIIN is for 26L/R arrivals. I had to go into the FMC and “CLR” the wrong waypoints and physically re-enter the correct waypoints. Now what did I do wrong.


Yes, to access Charts out of Demo Mode and FMS Data you need Ultimate (Monthly or Yearly).

You can convert across to Ultimate at subscriptions . Your existing payment will be credited against the new subscription.


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