Missing Airports KPHG and KNRN

Hi Folks,

Confirmed they’re not selectable in the the stock Navdata as well. Both airports are still in operation AFAIK.

Is this a case of missing BGLs? The terrain paint is there for runways and so are buildings, but the quality is low.


the answer is simple:
Both airports are included completely in the stock data but both are marked as “closed”. I guess, that´s the reason why you can´t select these airports. Both are also included in our data as well but useless when the stock data means, that these airports are closed.

Data from the stock data:


It looks, when a airport has the “closed” flag, that you can´t select it any longer. New for me too :slight_smile:
Unclear for me, why I need this flag when the sim doesn´t use it in any way. We have also set this flag on every airport but not to “closed” - it seems, this flag will not be overruled by an other file. I will ask ASOBO, for the reason of this flag and how we can “overrule” it. Hopefully, I get an answer in the near future …

But, I would also report this to ASOBO because I don´t see the reason for this flag, when you can´t overrule it.


Thanks Richard. I’ll try to get this reported up on my end as well. Thanks for looking into it.

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Hi again,
re-open this topic - now we have found a possibility to “re-open” wrong closed airports in the stock data.

Here a first shot of your examples:

I will do some more tests but it looks good , that we can “re-open” all airports which are marked as “closed” (but still in use) in the stock-data. We will create a new revision, when we are ready …


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