Created an airport in the SDK - EGMH

It was an airport that use to exist EGMH, when I have Navdata installed in the sim I lose all ILS and radio frequencies, the airport is still there and the scenery is fine. Is this something in your database as uninstalling your data fixes the problem


sorry, we can’t answer this … For a clear answer, we should test/look into the scenery.

Have you a link for this scenery?


Is there not a way you can search your data for that airport ? There must be something in your database for that or otherwise uninstalling it wouldn’t fix the problem ?

So I have been in contact with a group called Manstonair a virtual airway who I am leas to believe asked you to add EGMH so they can use Simbrief flight plans, I have checked on Simbrief and the airport exists, yet on navigraph the airport doesn’t exist. Obviously I don’t want to destroy the routing in Simbrief. Not sure the link between the two.

Hi again,
this airport is closed since 2014, so the airport is not in our database. Therefore, we have no ILS information in our data.

To add it, we need all these details in the standard ARINC424 format. Then we can add it as tailored records.

What I don’t understand is now:
Have you create this scenery, or how should we understand your subject to this topic?


Yes I have created this airport scenery, all works fine, atc frequencies fine, ils frequencies fine all works perfectly, as soon as navigraph data is installed, the airport atc/ils frequencies disappear, uninstall navigraph all,is fine again, I thought navigraph was overwritten by airport scenery but reading here about the content.xml I will check that tomorrow.

I have found the problem, when you add your data you update the contents.xml file you add your data at numbers 1 & 2. All marketplace airports are added at -100 and any airports in the community folder are added at 0, therefore you will always overwrite a 3rd party airport. If you want to overwrite only the base data you need to change your values to anything less than -100

The other option is to start your airport with any letter higher than a N that way due to the 2nd way scenery is loaded it will load after navigraph-navdata. Maybe you could pass this onto your team.

The second way seems unreliable also, what seems to work 100% is to add your airport to the contents.xml with a position of 3 or higher.

without knowing your scenery (it seems its a secret), it is highly recommended to use the Navigraph Navdata Center for installing the AIRAC updates. Also it is highly recommended that the NNC is still working in the background because the NNC re-order all in that way, that all customer airports are included, our base package has a lowest prio but the main package has the highest that you have all up2date navigational data selectable and useable.

The NNC re-order the packages in the background also when you use the in-game prio tool. So let it the app do the job please, the prio system is not so easy to understand and it’s very easy to make a mistake which results in no navdata, outdated navdata or similar else.

Thank you

Can you please open the sim, go into dev mode and look at the package priority, yours is not at the bottom, it is at the top, yours overites everyone elses.

Right, the top is the base package which contains some information which can be (depending of the scenery designer) overwritten by the packages below (means with a higher priority). The navdata package is at the bottom (ever when you use the Navigraph Navdata Center) and this package should not be overwritten by any package but is like an “additional” package for all packages above. “Additional” because normally the sceneries have no terminal procedures included so, this package add this information.


I’m not talking about the literal location, look at the identifier numbers, yours is 1&2, marketplace is -100 and 3rd party in the community is 0, yours overwrites everyone’s as the number is higher, if you uninstall the airports work fine, if you reinstall you modify the content.xml file and you add your data as position 1 & 2.

We re-order the packages in the content.xml file … as I have written before, our base package is every time on first place (prio #1) and our navdata-package is always on the bottom (prio #x highest). All the packages between overwrite our base package and the navdata-package added all navdata´s to the previous packages.

Again, it´s hard to identify your issue because I don´t know your scenery but what I can say is, that the rule is correct so far according the dev-instructions from ASOBO.

Directly from the dev-portal from an ASOBO employee:

Package Families rules: TiedToExe => Mandatory => Local => Official => Community => Edition


It doesn’t matter what scenery is used, there is nothing between your two packages the xml file only contains your entries.

I give up, I might as well talk to the wall…

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