KBWI 15R-33L - does it exist in the NavData?

Hi @NAVData Richard - with World Update X, we note KBWI still doesn’t have 15L-33L. I just want to confirm the data for that runway does exist in Navigraph, and so this is a BGL problem in the sim not showing the runway? Thanks!

yep, I can confirm that we have all terninal procedures for KBWI included in the current AIRAC and also in the upcoming AIRAC 2206.

We may not change/add runways on existing airports, so when 15R/33L is not existing, the sim disables the terminal procedure.

But they are included in the data (our MSFS navdata), yes. There are a few other airports worldwide which is affected too on this “disable” logic with the upcoming cycle 2206. But again, we can’t do anything for that - thats the logic in the sim.


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Thanks you very much!

@Casualclick additional to my posting before, here when you have installed a 3rd party scenery, which have included the missing runways:


Thank you! It seems there’s a really weird entitlement situation happening after WU 10: Premium license users of FS see the new runway because of the handcrafting, but the Standard version folks don’t. I escalated this up. Appreciate your help as always.

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