No more airports details in Navigraph charts

Since yesterday I have no more airports details when I zoom in the chart, no runway, no taxiway, no buildings, no parking places …nada!
This happens both in desktop app and charts Navigraph. Com ?
Thanks for quick answer.

Good day,
I had to find out today that the airport display is no longer available.
What am I doing wrong?
Until this morning everything worked without errors.

Thank you for your efforts

Greetings Torsten

Hello! Thank you for the report, we can reproduce this and have started investigating!

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Thanks for your fast Thank you for the quick support. The problem seems to be fixed and can be closed with this.

Greetings Torsten

Glad to hear it! We are gradually rolling out a fix and some airports have already been updated.

I will update this thread once we are done! Thank you for your patience.

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Thanks, I can see the situation coming back to normal progressively.
Taxiways numbers and partof parking stands are still missing.

Hello again! Thanks, yes we are aware of this too and looking into it right now. Thank you for the feedback!

Your welcomed
Thanks to post when it is fully recovered.
Thanks again for your quick reaction.

Hi again! These issues should now be resolved. Please restart the application or reload the web app to clear any local cache, and you should be good to go!

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mostly yes, but in some airports a significant amount of parking gates are still missing:
for example
LFPO Orly 4
LFPG terminal 1U
Nevertheless thanks for your action

Thanks for the report! Did they have parking gates before today?

yesterday I flew only and can only check LIML, and yes it was the same situation
so probably not linked to today’s problem.
but why are some parking stands missing at some airports?

In this case, it looks like the gates are missing from the AMDB dataset. This usually happens when terminals are closed - but verifying this was harder than I thought.

I found this for Orly 4, which seems to indicate that the terminal is temporarily closed: L'Envol at Paris Orly Airport

EDIT: Nevermind, on closer inspection that does not seem to be related to the terminal itself…

EDIT: Perhaps this temporary closedown in 2021 is still ongoing? ▷ Orly airport in Paris temporarily closes its terminal 4.

thanks for your search
it is only disturbing when the ATC controller assigns you a gate that you do not see on the chart like yesterday at LIML they told me to park at stand 1 which is missing on the chart LIML AIR TERMINAL NORTH APRON !

I understand - it’s an inconvenience. In the first cases you mentioned, the “issue” is present in the same data that is used by real-world pilots, not much we can do there unfortunately. But we’ll keep an eye out to make sure that we are indeed not hiding anything involuntarily!

Feel free to open a separate topic where you keep track of cases you find.

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thanks for your follow up

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