Missing Approaches SCEL 17 L

you have already replied to the problem with SCEL runway 17R here. (17R is now 19 and it does not exist in MSFS).

But all STARs for the 17L are missing, too. 17L is often active in SCEL.
Missing STARs for example UMKA6C, UMKA5A, SIMO6B and so.

Can’t you please fix this once soone?



Yes, because there is no runway 17R - according there AIP, till further notice. It makes bo sense to offer data for a procedure which is assigned to a none existing runway.

Again, see the notams for SCEL or the AIP. Still no runway 17R.


I spoke about Runway 17 L (=LEFT)!! 17L is in use all the time and has no STARs in Navigraph (MSFS).

sorry my fault - read it wrong, sorry for that - but in general it´s the same reason. There are all procedures included in our files, also for 17L/R but the sim suppress all 17x procedures for some reason. I assume it´s due the missing 17R runway because I know, that the sim cut´s the letter at the end before filtering and when the runway doesn´t exist the sim disable all procedures for this runway(s). Sorry, that´s an sim logic and we can´t do anything for this. I´m with you it´s a bad logic and of course not correct but only ASOBO can fix this and they know this since day one. Sorry for that.

… but I have also good news for you. With AIRAC 2110, all runways are back for SCEL. So 17L/R, 35L/R … so the the temporary outdated sim scenery are back in sync with the real-world. And I have checked the SIDs/STARs and …

SIDs examples (from upcoming AIRAC 2110):

STARs example (from upcoming AIRAC 2110):

… and a few Approach examples (from upcoming AIRAC 2110)

Release date for AIRAC 2110 is Oct 7th … as per the 28-day AIRAC cycle. On time as the last 20 years also :wink:


If this is fixed with the next update, I think that’s fine and I’m happy.

In the future, I think it would be better to cancel a runway (here 19 or 17R) completely than to suddenly have no approaches at all. Then you can at least continue to use STARS 17L.
Many greetings

But that´s the reality and we will stay on this, sorry … there are two options, either to use real-world data or not. We know since day one, that the new MSFS isn´t really real … we had offered a lot of times ASOBO/MS our help but no response. We would help and exactly such issues are very simple to fix, but there is no interest it seems.



I only wrote my subjective customer viewpoint here:
As a compromise, it is better for me to “play” without STARS of one runway (which is not even accessible to airliners in real life, too (17R/19)) than to “play” without the majority of the complete airport.
This is just well-intentioned advice to you / Navigraph. Thank you for fixing SCEL with the next update.
Life is full of compromises…

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