Missing ifr procedures for SCEL

I would like to know if there is a way to fix this, the problem is that the only ifr procedures shown on the sim are for runways 35 R and 35 L but SID and STARS for runways 17 R and 17 L are not shown and that makes very difficult to complete a flight on vatsim if the controller makes a route change.
Thanks in advance

I have checked all SCEL terminal procedures and there are included in the latest update, but the main point here is the temporary runway-change due maintenance:

You see the runway 17R is now (temporary) 19 and this runway doesn´t exist in the sim data, there for (and that´s the logic of the sim and not our logic) all SIDs/STARs for 17x will be disabled. When you look into the Approaches, you will find 17L/R approaches and also approaches without a runway-ident. That´s exact the approach for 19 but can´t be shown due the missing runway.

Sorry, the data are included but the sim can´t use the data due this missing runway.

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