Missing airports and waypoints - how to add them?

I’m trying to set up a flight plan for VFR flight in Israel. Most GA airports are not present (although they do appear in their correct location on the map). In addition, no CVFR waypoint appears on the map. This is what I bought Navigraph for.
Is there a way to get the smaller airports into the system to enable flight plans with waypoints? Is there a way to save selected locations and name them?
I want to use it in both X-Plane 12 and MSFS 2020.

We currently only support adding airports that are in the ARINC/navdata dataset when planning a flight in Charts. We do have plans to add smaller airfields, helipads and seaplane bases. We also have plans to add custom waypoints which you may name yourself.

In the meanwhile you can simply set up a flight using coordinate/geo waypoints and without setting a specific origin/destination. Just right click any point on the map and select “add to route”. You will then get the visual route representation. For example the route 322627N0350025E DCT 323153N0350606E DCT 322943N0352951E DCT MOCEV DCT 322617N0350014E which looks like this: