Adding Visual Reporting Point/Route

HI, is there any ways to add or help navigraph add visual reporting point and VFR route to the existing navdata/charts? I’ve flown in MSFS in Europe and Australia and using Navigraph chart and navdata for MSFS and there are VFR point but there are a missing VFR points in my home country Thailand. All points exist in real life (AIP) but missing in Navigraph systems, is there I can help add those?

ps. If this forum is not the right place to ask please kindly move it to the right one.

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We rely on our data supplier Jeppesen for the source navdata and are not really in a position to add other sources. Their source data normally includes VFR waypoints for most parts of the world. But if you provide some example AIP reference to these points we might be able to dig deeper.



Here is the source reference, it is included in AIP under ENR 2.2 for Bangkok Control Zone. Bangkok Control Zone

And any other airports also have VFR Points under their chart section like in example VTPH included in the chart section VTPH

Others have in under AD2.22 VTCC VTSP