Missing Airports and suggestion

Is there any intention to add missing airports to Navigraph? As flight simmers we are not just interested in the airports that Jepherson provide (for airlines) but we are also interested in GA aviation and there is much imformation available that has not been provided. An example would be EICM (Galway, Ireland), but of course there are many others. Alternatively would you consider an option for users to link in their own charts into Navigraph for their personal use?

I too am looking forward to such an opportunity so that missing airports, airstrips can be added…


Hi gents,
sorry but that isn´t really possible … as an example:
You add an airport in the charts, that means possible that you can use it in your flightplanning … but what do you do with your addon, which you want to use? This addon doens´t know anything of this added airport in the charts.

In other words, it´s possible nice to have it in the charts but you can´t really use it somewhere else. We use a central database to be in sync between charts and addon navigational data. Only to add such information in the charts app, is useless.



And do we all have to know everything? To me it is exactly about being able to enter in Navigraph Charts into the flight plan of airports that exist in the simulator, specifically I mean MFS2020! As in other flight planning software. But if you can’t, you can’t, apparently still too weak a level of human thinking. I have no more requests, requirements and questions on this issue.

I wish you the best of luck.

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